About the Social Sector Directory Initiative

The Social Sector Directory is powered by Te Puke Digital (Mediastream) as an initiative of Vector Group Charitable Trust. We built this directory for ourselves and have shared this resource to other NFP’s, under our information sharing and connection purpose.We strive for a better connected community.

This social directory is unique as you can “claim a listing”, “add a listing” yourself and “embed” any of our directory to your own website. This enables higher accuracy with details being updated by the organisations themselves. And what is fantastic about this directory, is, that it is a free service!

vector group charitable trust

Te Puke Digital is setup as a Social Enterprise under the Mediastreaminitiative of Vector Group Charitable Trust.

Mediastream was founded some years prior to Vector Group, and has since been integrated under the Vector Group NFP as a sustainability measure and revenue stream for Vector Group’s charitable purpose. Under the overarching banner of Mediastream are the initiatives- TEPUKEMAG, Red5Host.com, Te Puke Film, Te Puke Travel Directory, Te Puke Shopping, which, also includes Te Puke Digital.

Te Puke Digital’s strategic focus is web design and development, web hosting, SEO and SERP, digital capacity, IT infrastructure, collaboration with strategic partners, building business profiles, equity and NFP connection, sharing and support.

Te Puke Digital has aligned itself to the agenda of Te Puke Economic Development Group and are in full support of value-add to the Te Puke Region. We service all of Te Puke’s official sites, TP EDGTe Puke Goodness Grows Here and the Te Puke Business Excellence Awards

We also launched Te Puke Travel and Tourism Directory and are working on a unique project Te Puke Shopping, Youth Provider Directory, and the Bay of Plenty Social Sector Directory.

te puke travel directory